Surveying Services for Your Utilities Installation

Need surveying services to locate existing utilities, for model production or to highlight potential fluctuations in temperature that indicate potential below-surface leaks? As we are often one of the earliest contractors to attend a project, we can provide you with surveying services. From GRP surveys and Topographical surveys to 3D laser scanning technology and Thermographic surveys, we can provide you with high-end technical data to help you develop cost-effective and practical solutions.

Our Surveying Services include

  • GPR surveys
  • Drone surveys
  • Confined spaces surveys
  • Thermal imaging surveys
  • 3D laser scanning technology
  • Topographical surveys

Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

If you need to locate and know the depth of buried services such as fibre optics and drainage pipes or plastic water and gas pipes, a GPR survey will detect any metallic and non-metallic pipes. Allowing you to avoid potential damage and hazards during your project.

Why Advanced Utilities?

  • Gas, water & electricity infrastructure and connections for commercial and residential projects
  • Over twenty years of industry experience
  • We cover the whole of the UK
  • Unmatched expertise in civils and utilities work
  • We’re committed to creating positive, sustainable change through the provision of mechanical and electrical infrastructure
  • We take care of the entire process — from excavations and arranging new connections to providing new supplies to a new building

Surveying Services

Need reliable surveying services for your residential or commercial development? Call us today on 0161 762 0233 to discuss your project