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UK-Wide Multi-Utility Company

From gas and electricity services to water services and district heating installation, as a UK-wide multi-utility company we’ll provide you with a complete utility and project installation service. With over twenty years of industry experience, you can be confident your utility infrastructure and civil engineering needs will be delivered safely and efficiently.

Our Services

Gas Services

Need gas services, from mains installation and gas testing to live connections or repairs? With Advanced Utilities, your small or large commercial or residential development will be in safe, experienced hands.

Electricity Services

Whether you need our electricity services for your electrical infrastructure connection, disconnection, meter removal, or installation, with Advanced Utilities, you’ll be working with a multi-utility company with over twenty years of industry experience.

District Heating Installation

As a multi-utility company, we can design and install your complete low-carbon heating and cooling network. Our experienced team of welders, engineers and fitters will construct a heating network to give you optimum reliability and performance.

Civil Engineering Services

Looking for an efficient multi-utilities installation provider who’ll also take care of the civil engineering services needed for your project? At Advanced Utilities, we’ll undertake any groundworks needed for your installation.

Main Water Services

Whether you’re looking for help with a small, domestic water project or a large, commercial development, our mains water experience will ensure your project runs smoothly and is completed to the necessary standards.

Surveying Services

From GRP surveys and Topographical surveys to 3D laser scanning technology and Thermographic surveys, we can provide you with high-end technical data to help you develop cost-effective and practical solutions.

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    Need a Reliable Multi-Utility Company for Your Development?

    As a multi-utility company with over twenty years of experience, you can rely on us to seamlessly deliver your utilities installation. Call us today on
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