Reliable & Efficient District Heating Installation

Looking for district heating installation? At Advanced Utilities, we can design and install your complete low-carbon heating and cooling network. Our experienced team of welders, engineers and fitters will construct a heating network to give you optimum reliability and performance. By balancing cost with quality, we’ll always bring you the best value and most reliable district heating installation solution. And provide you with a complete heating network service that meets your current and future needs.

Mains installations

Whether you need kilometre-long installations or smaller diversions or repairs, we can provide your low-carbon network supply in pre-insulated steel or polymer (PEX) forms. From heat loss analysis and pipework handling to joint systems and single steel pre-insulated pipe, we’ll plan every stage to ensure you have the most reliable and efficient network.

Heating Installation Testing & Commissioning

Need your installation tested to WRAS 12.3a? Using data loggers and samples taken, your installation will be analysed by an independent UKAS-certified laboratory.

Live Connections

From connections via hot tap or balloon line stop, including bypass equipment and under-pressure drillings, we can connect to your existing pipework regardless of the material or size and without disrupting your supply.

Heating Network Repairs

As district heating installation specialists, you can rely on our call-out service to quickly resolve any underground mains leaks or bursts on your outlet supply pipework. Our expert teams will excavate, repair and reinstate your heating supply with minimum disruption.

Why Advanced Utilities?

  • Gas, water & electricity infrastructure and connections for commercial and residential projects
  • Over twenty years of industry experience
  • We cover the whole of the UK
  • Unmatched expertise in civils and utilities work
  • We’re committed to creating positive, sustainable change through the provision of mechanical and electrical infrastructure
  • We take care of the entire process — from excavations and arranging new connections to providing new supplies to a new building

District Heating Installation for Your Low Carbon Project

Need reliable district heating installation for your residential or commercial development? Call us today on 0161 762 0233 to discuss your project